Black Widow Spider Custom Nike Air Force 1 Shoes by GroundBreaker Customs

Looking for a pair of custom shoes that can freak people out? Being afraid of spiders is serious business to some people. Demetrius of GroundBreaker Customs put together these simple but attracting white, black, and red Nike Air Force Ones based on the look of the Black Widow spider. 4 paintings of the venomous female version of the spider with the red hourglass shape on its abdomen cover the lateral sides of the white Nike AF1. An outline of the Black Widow’s irregular silken fiber web cover the white leather with a tongue and eyelets that again emphasize the red hourglass shape of the female spider. In researching online some sources said the bite of a female Black Widow can be fatal while others said more often then not the bite does not cause that much harm. So much for using the Internet these days to figure out if you should go to the hospital because of a spider bite.

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