Bizon Customs Takes A Jab At Hypebeasts on this Yeezy Boost 350

Attention hypebeasts, Bizon Customs made this custom adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 because of you. Over the last 10 years the term “hypebeast” went from internet message board slang that describes someone who buys something only because of its perceived popularity and a caricature drawing to that of a massive website’s moniker. The term is well settled in internet slang folklore. But what hasn’t changed over those years is the actions of those individuals it describes. Back then it was a Nike Dunk that people salivated over, today it’s this adidas attached to Kanye West. These were made for Bizon’s friend YoungsTownKicks who seems to be aware of his own hypebeast ways, but realizes the slight ridiculousness of it all based on their explanation for the design.

What began as a much-coveted pair of Yeezy Boost 350s in the black and white colorway has had a multitude of colors painted upon the white stripe. The colors make up over 25 unique beastly characters, lined up across each shoe very similar to the lines of hypebeast outside certain shops on the latest footwear or apparel release date. According to Bizon the pair is titled, “Color Recognition”, which in his words is a double entendre, in reference to the ability to distinguish different colors, as well as a nod to the recognition that the Yeezy model and Yeezy customs receive. Upon the custom printed insoles by FootCanvas Bizon delved further into these thoughts and his opinion on the value placed upon a mass produced product such as these Yeezys. To say the least, these are a refreshing take on a customized Yeezy and opinion on consumerism we’ve all taken a bit too serious at least once.

These are a 1 of 1 custom design, but you can inquire about your own custom sneaker project from Bizon at and follow him at

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