Benji Blunt Interview on @IDigYourSoleMan

When it comes to street fashion and sneakers, so many times you can read content or look at images before it starts to become something you just scroll past, click next or not click at all. Lately there seems to be countless sites attempting to cater to sneaker culture sharing the same things over and over. But when it comes to unique content with actual stories that matter you have to dig a bit deeper and hope you come across a site that is trying to bring something unique or on a more narrow path to the world’s screens. That is our goal with PaintOrThread by focusing on a small niche of just custom sneakers.

A fashion blog trend that hasn’t seemed to make a big impact in the sneaker category is that of street style blogging. You have some occasional shots on some of the big mens interest blogs but that comes inline with stories that are just another form of advertising not actual consumer stories. A few weeks ago a site by the name of I Dig Your Sole Man came across the PaintOrThread surfing path and it’s been a regularly followed site in the office here since. For almost 4 years the site’s founder Lester Jones has brought together the world of street style photography to that of sneakers.

Today is the perfect way we can recommend you make it a part of your regular Internet reading schedule as they’ve caught up with UK based sneaker customizer Benji Blunt for a great interview well worth checking out:

In their shoes; Benji Blunt on IDigYourSoleMan