Baltimore Ravens Under Armour Custom Cleats for Lardarius Webb


One trend that has been catching fire the past 12 months has been the attention of athletes commissioning custom shoes to wear in game. The idea isn’t new but with the overall growth of custom sneakers bet you’ll see more athletes wanting more than a companys single color design. Perhaps tonight in the opening of the NFL season you’ll see Lardarius Webb sporting these special Under Armour Cam Low football cleats versus the Denver Broncos.

Webb a part of 2013 Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens despite being sidelined with an ACL tear reached out to Twizz Customs to help make his comeback this season a bit more special. Though they are two pairs the work on each cleat is completely different. The only connection is the theme of purple and metallic gold. Patterns overtake the majority of three from splatter, fade, crisscrossed lines, and a web print. Most interesting of the four is definitely one of the right cleats whose entire lateral side is covered in that of the white beaked Ravens logo to match their helmets. Knowing the NFL’s strict policy on team uniforms do you think these will make the cut to be seen on the field?

You can order your own custom cleats from Twizz at and be sure to follow him on Instagram: @TwizzCustoms

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