Apple Education Leadership Summit Video with Chris Hui aka C2 Customs

Back in April Chris Hui of C2 Customs was one of six students ranging from elementary through grad students chosen to partake in the 2010 Apple Education Leadership Summit held in Dallas, TX. The event over three days included guest speaker Malcolm Gladwell, author of best selling books like The Tipping Point, and basically how Apple, their products, and technology are helping students across the world. All six of the students invited had a very unique story to tell and Apple captured that story along with how their learning environments are enhanced with the use of technology to learn, create and share.

Chris and a another lesser known shoe customizer by the name of Matt Rieser, were featured in a video titled “The Sneaker Artists”. The two share a bit of their experiences from customizing shoes, how technology has benefited their outlets, and Chris shares a great basis to the first step a shoe customizer goes through when creating a custom shoe for themselves or a customer. The event alone proved to be great for C2 as most of the custom shoes he made over the summer were for people he met through the event including his Gibson Guitar Nikes, AppleKid AF1s, and Lucha Libre Nike Dunks

Checkout the “Sneaker Artists” video below and all others here: “Apple Education Summit” @