American Flag Vintage Nike Dunk by 3R Customs

Given that these are being released today you’d probably guess that jest3r of 3R Customs made them in celebration of the United States triumph in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The truth is they were made some time ago over the past year with inspiration from Kanye West and Jay Z’s “Otis” music video and the huge distorted US flag that hung from a building behind the two Watch the Throne artists.

As a complete recon-decon this American Vintage Nike Dunk started from the sole up. The outer panels were recreated with a blue denim covered in white screen printed stars. To contrast against the denim white leather inner panels, goil foil sockliners, gold midsole stitching, and metallic red leather swooshes were all used. To fit the “Otis” theme jest3r purposely gave all the materials a distressed look hence the “vintage” title, which as a personal pair he loves that they more he wears them the better they’ll look.

This pair is also the kickoff of a special offer to his fans:


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Checkout his new site for more info: and follow him on Twitter: @3rcustoms