“Allegro and Livid” aka Fast and Furious Nike Dunks by JP and JBF

Looking for great advice in regards to coming up with your custom shoe designs? Watch this video with Los Angeles, California based shoe customizer Jacob Patterson about his “Allegro and Livid” Nike Dunks inspired by Fast and Furious movies and the modded car scene. These shoes were a customer order Jacob had full creative freedom over in the design worked in collaboration with JBF Customs. The simplicity of the overall package starts with the name which instead of simply saying “Fast and Furious” he came up with a couple synonyms, allegro for fast and livid for furious. As for the design, faux carbon fiber vinyl was placed on the toes and sides by JBF Customs to represent the often seen carbon fiber hood and body of modded performance cars. In the beginning Jake’s creative freedom had a more detailed pair but in the end the features did not work out and he explains how in the video as well. Lastly the panels were painted with a deep pearlescent purple paint and finished off with six different street racing brands’ decals. Even though they may not have been exactly what the two artists wanted as an end result the customer was still happy and that is the most important part.

Checkout each of the customizers websites here: JacobPattersonArt.com and JBFCustoms.com