ALL BLACK Nike Air Force 1 Misplaced Checks


Another one. This release marks the fourth and last colorway of the “Misplaced Checks” custom Nike Air Force 1 release thought up by John Geiger and brought to life by The Shoe Surgeon. After already seeing a white pair with multi-color checks Swooshes receive a couple releases the duo brought out both an all white and all red release over the summer of 2015. This pair once again features 4 Swooshes stitched on each shoes medial and lateral sides instead of the singular logos, making up 16 different materials used. This is a definite opposite against the super bright colorways the last time the AF1 were outwardly popular in the mid 2000s.

A limited run will be available only in Geiger’s hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at a local sneaker shop RefreshPGH Saturday December 5th. If you can’t make it you can view the display below and hope for them to reach the resell market.

For more info on the release checkout Refresh on IG: or contact

As always stay up with the latest work from Geiger and The Shoe Surgeon on IG: @JohnGeiger_ & @TheShoeSurgeon

nike-air-force-1-misplaced-checks-all-black-john-geiger-shoe-surgeon-2 nike-air-force-1-misplaced-checks-all-black-john-geiger-shoe-surgeon-3  nike-air-force-1-misplaced-checks-all-black-john-geiger-shoe-surgeon-5 nike-air-force-1-misplaced-checks-all-black-john-geiger-shoe-surgeon-6nike-air-force-1-misplaced-checks-all-black-john-geiger-shoe-surgeon-1