Air Jordan XI (11) Galaxy Custom by Peculiar Kinetics

Galaxy is officially the South Beach of 2012. The outer space theme has been popular no doubt, but not many shoes could be fitting base shoes as a Space Jam-esq Air Jordan XI. Created by Jonathan Carrington of Peculiar Kinetics, the idea was brought to light after a conversation with Kai Wang aka BBoyKai. A close look at the pictures might have you asking what happened to the Jumpman on the back heels? The actual Space Jam 11 was not used but instead a pair of all white Anniversary 11s that have no stitched Jumpman logos. The white leather upper was painted black along with the patent leather but with the airbrushed galaxy pattern. A final touch like the original Galaxy Foamposite release was made with blue glow in the dark soles. If this design interests you Peculiar Kinetics will be making the design available for a limited run.

For your own pair checkout and contact Jonathan via