Air Jordan VII Dave White by Dank Customs


When it comes to limited Air Jordan releases there is no doubt that any of the signature models would sell out if released in the same color scheme of one another. Unfortunately there is probably no chance that an Air Jordan like this will release anytime soon. So if you want your favorite J painted up like another you’ll have to rely on a customizer or yourself. We suggest hiring an expert.

On this colorswap Air Jordan customization Jake of Dank Customs was commissioned to put the stylings of the Dave White Air Jordan 1 upon that of the Air Jordan VII. From the looks of it the idea translated well from the small addition of engraved elephant print to the star splatter and midsole speckle. Honestly the most intriguing part is the color blocking as the Air Jordan VII hasn’t seen an official release like this where the panels have a hard contrasting colorblocking. AKA we want to see more color placement like this on Air Jordan V-VIII.

Although this is a 1 of 1 you can still inquire about your own idea for customization via and be sure to follow him on Instagram: @jwdanklefs

dank-customs-air-jordan-vii-dave-white-2 dank-customs-air-jordan-vii-dave-white-3