Air Jordan VI “Haze Grey” Custom by Ecentrik Artistry


Custom Air Jordans. That term makes some people cringe while others are fully open to the idea. Unfortunately some have taken the idea a bit too far and just pay no attention to the base Air Jordan being used and it becomes a awkward looking monstrosity that the customizer, customer of the order, and social media followers freely praise as solid work. There is a lot of customizing of Air Jordans that is getting praise that is not even worth sharing.

Yet some still have a decent eye for design and don’t go overboard such as this pair from Elom of Ecentrik Artistry.  For starters it is a painted design that isn’t tied to some previous official release by Nike or Air Jordan. Second as far as we can tell it was executed cleanly. For many the concept of painted to look factory made has gone out the door and you can easily see overspray from an airbrush where it shouldn’t be if a bit more care was made. Lastly it is a simple color scheme with one focal point, that being the speckle fade painted on the midsole. The painted print on the midsole goes perfect with the once white upper that was painted grey.

If you like this quality custom that stands out from many of the customs that are just ruined Air Jordans you can inquire at or follow Ecentrik on Instagram: @EcentrikArtistry

haze-grey-air-jordan-vi-ecentrik-artistry-customs xhaze-grey-air-jordan-vi-ecentrik-artistry-custom-4  haze-grey-air-jordan-vi-ecentrik-artistry-custom-1