Air Jordan V Toronto Blue Jays Shoes by @DeJesusCustoms


Now first things first you’d think the Air Jordan model that came out during these years would be the first choice as the base, right? Sure but I think these go to show how much more iconic the Air Jordan V is over the VII or VIII. Or maybe it just provides for a better canvas, either way how could any Toronto Blue Jays fan turn these down?

These were created by DeJesus Customs and titled ’92-’93 Champs, as a nod to the Blue Jay’s back to back World Series wins in the early 1990s. DeJesus started off by giving the previously white upper and black midsoles a classic 80’s feel with a powder blue coating that the Jay’s among many MLB teams wore at the time. Next the midsole shark teeth were given a white outline to reflect the Maple leaf’s outlined half in their logo. Next the coolest feature was the red baseball stitching outline that was painted across the toes edges and the back heels. Lastly heel logo detailing can be seen in the addition of the winning years on the lateral sides with the Blue Jay’s logo on the medial sides.

These are likely a 1 of 1 but you can contact DeJesus to create a tribute to your favorite sports team through a custom at and follow him on Instagram: @DejesusCustoms

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