Air Jordan V Team USA Soccer Customs by @SoleJunkie


Next year the soccer world aka pretty much all over this place called Earth will be ablaze as the World Cup takes place in the winningest countries home, Brazil. Here in America though one of the fastest growing brands is that of Team USA soccer. That growth of this, the teams 100th year in existence, can be seen in this custom by Sole Junkie: USA Soccer Air Jordan V. Given creative freedom by a friend who will be attending the World Cup next year, Sole Junkie began with the Fire Red AJ V base and started off with painting the previously all white upper navy blue. SJ’s goal was to “not be be busy…to be simple and elegant but not simplistic.”

The next step was painting the black midsoles red. Of course the USA soccer comes into play with the addition of the hand painted logos on the back heels covering the Jumpman logos. Staying simple SJ left the plastic netting, clear soles and white eyelets their original clear or white. To foreshadow a possible result of the World Cup ’14 or just because USA confidence is always golden, metallic accents were added on the midsole shark teeth, speckle, and a lightning outline on the heel logos. In a technique he has used for years Sole Junkie didn’t just use gold paint but rather 23k gold leafing for all the accents despite it’s difficulty compared to just painting.

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 air-jordan-v-usa-soccer-sole-junkie-2 air-jordan-v-usa-soccer-sole-junkie-3 air-jordan-v-usa-soccer-sole-junkie-4 air-jordan-v-usa-soccer-sole-junkie-5