Air Jordan V Rocket Science by @ReviveCustoms


The word best gets thrown around willy nilly these days so much that it has really lost it’s meaning. The title of this eye catching pair of Air Jordans customized by Evan of Revive Customs is titled Rocket Science. Where that title’s connection is made we aren’t sure, perhaps the fact that they were made for rapper and song writer Flo Rida, who is from Florida as is NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. But it’s okay…we’ve become used to Revive’s secrecy in terms of inspiration and quite epic-ness of designs.

The base shoe of the white/fire-red Jordan V can still be made out noticeably by the soles. Often times a goal is to make the base colorway indistinguishable but this time it works as it’s really more of a pop art style piece. Slight changes were made in the embroidered Jumpman logos on the tongue and back heel being painted lime green with an orange basketball. Next, in who knows what order, the all white upper was meticulously painted with at least 30 colors in 50 plus stripes. The lines make a focus of the back Jumpman logo as they seemingly burst out and across the upper changing shapes along with the panels shapes all coming to a sudden hault at the toes. Somewhere, on some list, someplace these deserve to be a best.

There is no chance of owning these as Revive has publicly stated he has stopped taking orders but if you are persistent enough maybe he’ll fit in time for your custom order if the idea can challenge his creative mind. Contact him via: and follow on Instagram: @ReviveCustoms

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