Air Jordan IV Motorsports Race Graphics Custom Makeover

The Air Jordan IV Motorsports colorway gets a more realistic look with painted race graphics by MoreThanArtToWear. When you are on the top of the world in whatever field, a lot of doors can be easier to open. One aspect many Jordan fans still probably do not know about is his passion for motorsports. According to, Michael had a passion for racing before he joined the NBA, but agreed to stop in order to fulfill his Chicago Bulls playing contract. So after retiring, he began Jordan Motorsports in 2004 that lasted until 2014. More can be read about the pathway to a Jordan Brand racing team here at

Jordan looked to senior Nike designer Mark Parker to outfit the bikes in Jordan themed race graphics. With that came a natural fit to have shoes match the bikes and racing outfits. In 2006 team exclusives of the Air Jordan IV in white, black, and royal blue made their way to reality and a definite want among sneakerheads. So now another 10 years later and we have seen the release version. J’Field Yeo of MoreThanArtToWear brought a more literal racing look to the base sneaker. Keeping all the colors about the same the center panels of the upper were painted blue to match. Next various brand logos were stenciled and painted across the upper that relate to Jordan Brand Motorsports and products used by his motorcycle race team. Now they are really a Jordan Motorsports sneaker.

More work from Yeo can be seen on his Instagram: @MoreThanArtToWear or