Air Jordan III X Nike Dunk Hybrid Customs by Dank & Co.

One fun aspect of sneaker customization is just being able to notice a way a sneaker’s features could allow it to be flipped into something different. That is just what Jake of Dank & Co. did here on this Nike Dunk SB low. The pair already featured an elephant print across the entirety of the upper(Well it’s release was called “asphalt”, but close enough, right?). The look is along the lines of a custom design many have attempted before, an Air Jordan and Nike Dunk hybrid. Often times though the elephant print would have to be recreated on the shoes. Not this time, obviously. So going with that print in place the contrasting panels were painted white. Next a couple pieces of an Air Jordan were put to use. The tongues were interchanged with the AJ3 tongue and the back heel tabs were removed and stitched in the Dunk showing just a bold NIKE. Then the liner was dyed blue and a bit of red detailing on the eyelets to complete the Air Jordan 3 True Blue look.

It is surprising Nike never went as far as taking this concept of Air Jordan parts on another shoe to the Nike Dunk and doing it with their Air Jordan X Air Force 1 Fusion series from years ago. Check below to see the Nike Dunk before and the Air Jordan III that inspired the customization.

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Jordan 3 True Blue Nike Dunk Jordan 3 True Blue Nike Dunk

The before Nike Dunk and inspiration Air Jordan III True Blue

nike dunk air jordan iii