Air Jordan III The Grinch Customs by FreakerSneaks


One customizer seemingly unafraid to make an outlandish sneaker customization is Jonny Barry of FreakerSNEAKS. Nearly a year later Jonny gives us a similar look on a Air Jordan that last winter people either loved or were disgusted their favorite Jordan was given a new interpretation they just couldn’t handle. Custom sneaker enthusiasts will recall his Grinch themed Air Jordan IV, covered in shades of green, bits of red and a lining atypical to what is seen on all Jordans. This year the Air Jordan III is the model that received FreakerSNEAKS attempt at the Mount Crumpit dwellers look.

What began as the Fire Red AJ III retro takes on entirely new look and a bit different from FreakerSNEAKS 2012 take. This time around the imposter Santa suit colors weren’t used as red is nowhere to be found except for the untouched bottom of the soles. Everything from the tongues to the elephant print to the side panels¬† to the midsoles and heel tabs are covered in a few shades of Grinch green. Details come into play with a bit of green speckle on the snow white toes. Next the sinister grin and yellow eyes of the anti-holiday character replaces the AIR and Jumpman logos on the back heel tabs. Lastly once again Jonny breaks the hearts of Air Jordan die-hards and brightens the days of Dr. Suess fans by adding the green rabit fur, albeit with just a tad bit less compared to his AJ IV take.

A limited amount of these will be available to order via this holiday season!

Grinch-Air-Jordan-iii-shoes-freakersneaks-2 Grinch-Air-Jordan-iii-shoes-freakersneaks-3