Air Jordan III Raphael TMNT Comics Custom by Sab One

A cornerstone of sneaker customizations in the early to mid 2000s were character themes. As customizing has evolved, character themes still play a roll especially with the growth in comic book themed movies. Yet it still takes a good eye and drawing skills to walk the fine line of good and bad work.

One customizer who you can pretty much count on to fall into the good side of customizations is Sab One. Again he holds the chosen theme down on this pair of Air Jordan III retros that pay homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ comic book stylings. An all green background on the upper is set up for TMNT graphics and notably a profile of Raphael taken from the #2 issue of the modern comic book series. Additions of brown upon the midsole and heel tabs work great with texture of the elephant print painted green to represent the turtles skin. Lastly the IDW Publishing logos further the comic book theme on the back heels.

These are a 1 of 1 design but if you have your own idea for a custom send inquiries to Sab One via Instagram: @sab_one

air-jordan-iii-rafael-tmnt-custom-sab-one-5 teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-custom-shoes-sab-one

air-jordan-iii-rafael-tmnt-custom-sab-one-3 air-jordan-iii-rafael-tmnt-custom-sab-one-1 air-jordan-iii-rafael-tmnt-custom-sab-one-1