Air Jordan III MJ Portrait Custom by VM Footwear

When it comes to painting a canvas with a portrait the slightest mistakes can really stand out. Scale that “canvas” down to a pair of sneakers and the job only becomes more difficult with uneven surfaces and a rather small area. Throw in one of the most recognizable faces ever of Michael Jordan and the challenge is steep. Overall the custom sneaker portrait work featuring “His Airness” PaintOrThread has come across has been kind of hit or miss. But these are beyond a hit, they are a chart topper.

Courtesy of the work of a Vijay Mehmi who shares his work under the moniker VM Footwear, these base shoes of the Air Jordan III in the fire red colorway now feature the best Michael Jordan portrait we’ve come across in custom sneakers. To start the fire red midsole has been painted black to break up the red monotone of the portrait. Upon the left shoe is the face of MJ in full game face mode, while the right features a look at the back of quite possibly the most famous jersey ever. That alone could have been enough but VM added a spot on Chicago Bulls logo behind each image along with a red background complete with a splatter painted edging.

These are likely a 1 of 1 design but you can contact VM at to see more of their portrait work and be sure to follow them on Instagram: @VMFOOTWEAR


air jordan iii portrait custom vm footwear