Air Jordan III Dexter’s Lab Custom Shoes by FreakerSneaks


The Cartoon Network classic Dexter’s Laboratory replaces the iconic Jumpman in this latest customization from FreakerSNEAKS. The white/fire red AJ III retro as a base has been remixed to match that of the boy genius starting with a vibrant orange to represent the red-headed character. Next the elephant print was painted purple a la his always worn gloves and then a bit of blue on the tongues for his tinted eyeglasses with a bit of black and neon green additions. Upon first glance the combination just seems like a funky color mash up but close inspection will see the heel tabs have a cutouts of the pint sized protagonist and LAB. The complete package includes the customized shoebox with the clear panels and emergency button and show intro signage.

Unfortunately these are a 1 of 1 design but you can contact Jonny of FreakerSNEAKS for your own cartoon Air Jordans at:



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