Air Jordan Flight 1 Tiger Custom Shoes by @JfieldYeo


So you think you’ve seen some pretty cool painted shoes eh? How do they compare to this realistic Tiger’s eyes? As a customer order by J’Field Yeo of MoreThanArtToWear an nontraditional Air Jordan base was used, the Jordan Flight 1. What started out as an all white upper was given rather basic bright orange¬† tiger print from the toes to the back heel panels. Some could say stopping there is good and you’ve got an okay custom that will surely standout from anything off a sneaker store shelve. But J’Field decided to flex his painting skills by creating photorealistic pair of sinister yellow eyes of a tiger on each shoe with extreme attention to detail. To only add to the pairs mystique a custom box was built with an extra surprise of jungle sounds as it’s opened each time.

These are for sure a 1 of 1 that you’ll have to admire from a computer screen but you can contact J’Field via and follow him on Instagram: @MoreThanArtToWear

jordan-flight-1-morethanarttowear-tiger-custom-1 jordan-flight-1-morethanarttowear-tiger-custom-4 jordan-flight-1-morethanarttowear-tiger-custom-5 jordan-flight-1-morethanarttowear-tiger-custom-6 jordan-flight-1-morethanarttowear-tiger-custom-7 jordan-flight-1-morethanarttowear-tiger-custom