Air Jordan 4 “What the Fake” Custom by @ReviveCustoms

Give him a theme and Evan of Revive Customs will attack it. You may look at these with one eyebrow raised but their awesomeness is immeasurable. Known for his take on the What the…? theme of combining multiple shoes’ memorable patterns on one Evan decided to poke fun at the bootleg sneaker with this What the Fake Air Jordan IV custom.

The previously all white AJ 4 now features at a slew of patterns with at least 20 different hand painted colors. Featured are hand painted mocks of patterns seen on fake Nikes over the past 5 to 10 years: rainbow LV pattern, SpongeBob Squarepants, Big Pun Air logo, Jor1 $ signs, Hello Kitty, stars and stripes, and random colors. Some how or some way people did buy fake sneakers with these patterns because the factories continued making them. Wonder if these will inspire some Spongebob Pun Kitty customs to be mass produced by fake factories? Hopefully not.

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