Air Jordan 4 Command Force Customs by @emmanueLabor

The years were 1989 and 1991, Michael Jordan and David Robinson, the Air Jordan IV debuted first and the Nike Air Command Force a couple years later. MJ continued to sell shoes obviously while Mr. Robinson never gained that status that could sell his own signature shoe. Surely Robinson influenced some sales. But Woody Harrelson playing as Billy Hoyle rocking the Command Force in White Men Can’t Jump is considered more significant than anything that happened in them around Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood. Yet for emmanueLabor this custom combining the both pairs was a way to bring him back to his childhood.

The Air Jordan 4 and Nike Command Force were two reasons emmanueLabor got into shoes as a kid, what he calls his  “golden age of sneakers.” To start the formerly white retro AJ 4’s speckled cement gray areas were painted neon yellow with black speckles a la the back heel midsoles of the Command Force. Second the heel tabs were relinquished of their speckle print and Jumpman logos painted turquoise. Next the mesh side panels were switched out for ribbed plastic panels to mimic the plastic uppers. Now there is where most customizers would stop….EL went on in attempt to “be as true to the shoes as possible that inspired the project.” The original Command Force featured an air pump system to allow for better fit, but Nike hasn’t sold an air pump system since so he gutted a pair of Reebok Pumps and “borrowed” their setup placing the pump into the tongues and sockliner for a fully functioning fit. Lastly a custom tongue tag featuring the EL logo can be seen on the tongues next to the Pump button.

From the sounds of it these will probably be a 1 of 1 but contact EL to combine your own favorite childhood shoes into customs via and be sure to follow him on Twitter: @emmanueLabor.

The original Command Force inspiration. Image via ClassicKicks