Air Jordan 1 Retro Black/Red Python by JBF Customs


The number available tomorrow morning is in the hundreds of thousands. As in how many pairs of the shoe that gave the sneaker world a kick start will be sold across numerous retailers and websites. But only 5 people will be able to get theirs looking like this pair here. In a fitting conclusion to his 2013 JBF Customs gives sneakerheads one more chance at owning a pair of his authentic snakeskin reconstructions. The colorway that was banned by the NBA in 1985 is now at a level of being a fashion statement higher than Nike could’ve ever intentionally planned for 28 years ago. JBF’s offering just might be the highest of the high.

After fully deconstructing the base JBF rebuilt the upper with python skin, sticking to the shoes iconic color blocking. As to be expected the evenly rolled edges can be seen throughout that arguably result in the utmost level of quality when it comes to custom sneakers. Lastly the Nike Air tags are replaced with a set of leather laser engraved JBF  logo squares that contrast against the highly textured look of all other panels. As these are meant to be worn, a soft lambskin once again graces the liner for comfort.

Again this styling will be available for 5 customers tomorrow at 12:00PM EST via Apparently this will be the last custom run offered from JBF for a while so if you have been wanting to join others that have bought into the +Incomparable+ brand then you better be ready to order the old fashioned way at 12 sharp since I doubt jerks have yet to make bots for JBF’s site yet.