Air Jordan 1 Inspired Nike Dunks Customized with Angelus Paint

The simplest sneaker customizations will always have a special place in’s heart. With amazing detailed paintings, sneakers being completely reconstructed, and customizers catering to the most popular shoes a simple color blocking change on a pair of Nike Dunks will often be overlooked by most. But maybe its what the placement of this color combo represents that makes them stand out.

That representation is of none other than that of a pair of shoes that if never released maybe none of us would have ever customized shoes in the structured process that we do. Enough what if. That shoe is the original Nike Air Jordan 1 in black and red. In the past 10 years Nike has even shown how much the Jordan Brand department have influenced their Swoosh covered shoes with colorways inspired by the Air Jordan line. This particular look has never made the cut so far as a release, seemingly a no-brainer. Starting with a white and red soled Nike Dunk Jevel who goes by @hialeahzbg on Instagram painted the toe, lace, and heel panels of these using fire red Angelus paint. The next step was painting the swooshes black and back heel section black topped off with black laces. Classic is the only way to describe them.

To contact Jevel to commission your own customs send him an email: jevel.aluart[at]yahoo[dot]com and follow him on Instagram @hialeahzbg

Before and After