Adidas ZX77 Royal Street by Sevenzulu


If you wanna become a favorite here on PaintOrThread one way is to use base sneakers that other customizers aren’t. Yes we understand more and more customizers have been able to turn their skills into a business and that requires being at the mercy of what the public wants. To that we raise our water filled paintbrush cleaning glasses and say cheers, keep doing what you love as work. But who can argue seeing a shoe customized that you don’t see everyday…hell every week, month…okay year!

Last time Sevenzulu gave us a look at a Nike Air Max by the model name of Correlate that is surely on nobodys radar when it comes to release dates. This time he took advantage of a unique fabrication of the Adidas ZX77 base. The retro runner was released in 2010 in an all white canvas version that was just screaming for either paint or dirt. Titled Royal Street, this pair now has a whole new identity. Two shades of gray were painted upon the upper with a third added for a bit of camo near the ankle area. One accent color of a reddish burgundy on various panels and a bit of gold logo action on the tongues finishes off the simple but complete makeover customization.

More work from Sevenzulu can be checked out via their Facebook page: