Custom Painted Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 by Chris Brown


Music artist by day, Sneaker artist by night? Maybe. It turns out there is more to Chris Brown than music and dance moves. Though not the usual TMZ-esque story we’re used to seeing, Chris made headlines most recently for a customized pair of adidas Yeezy Boost 750’s. These aren’t the 1st pair of custom Yeezy’s we’ve seen this year. A few days prior, Ben Baller (@benballer) hairline fractured the internet with his black dyed version that even evoked a response from Kim Kardashian.


Not to be outdone, Chris, who goes by the artist name “Konfuzed”, debuted his pair that feature a portrait of Kanye on one heel, and an image of the Dropout Bear on the other. This isn’t his first foray into painting footwear. Check out his Instagram page @chrisbrownofficial and you’ll see a number of custom painted Timberland boots with imagery ranging from Dragonball Z to assorted Marvel characters. With some solid spray can work in his portfolio, we look forward to seeing if Chris will take his sneaker painting even further.

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