Adidas Tubular Evolve Custom By SmoothTip

The galaxy print idea is full on mainstream at this point. While some still consider a galaxy customization to be spots of black with poorly painted shots of blue or purple with some speckles of white painted as stars, SmoothTip just raises the look a few levels up. He conquered the galaxy custom sneaker some time ago, so even his print alone just won’t cut it.

One of the first customizations of the Adidas Tubular we’ve come across they are a sure standout from the basic colorways Adi has released so far. What started out as the black release gets some well thought out placement of galaxy print on the toes, mid section and heel counters. Other accents painted to fit the cosmic them include a gray grid on the toes line graphics in neon pink and green. Lastly they are  set off with glow in the dark laces to match the same effect given to the neon green.

You can checkout SmoothTip’s new site and pick up one of the limited amount of these up for grabs at:


adidas-tubular-evolve-galaxy-smoothtip-5adidas-tubular-evolve-galaxy-smoothtip-2 adidas-tubular-evolve-galaxy-smoothtip-3 adidas-tubular-evolve-galaxy-smoothtip-4