Adidas Superstar 80s WMNS “Apple Blossom” by Benji Blunt

A quick glance at these and you think it is a simple custom. That is false. A full package is what this pair is. United Kingdom based customizer Benji Blunt pulls out all the stops when it comes to offering his customers a finished project. This Apple Blossom themed pair of adidas Superstar 80s first catches your attention with its bright base layer of blue. Upon closer inspection you notice the hand painted birds and flowers, and how nice they are. Now the average customizer would call that a day and ship them out, but not Mr. Blunt.

Say the lady wearing these is thinking they have too much blue on them for today….all she has to do is un-velcro the tongues and switch in one of the other two sets provided by Mr. Blunt. Natural suede to match the stripes or white leather to accent the soles. Hmmm. All of which are branded with the signature Benji Blunt letter “B” monogram. Branding can also be seen on the back heels, the custom shoelace aglets, the insoles AND a hangtag on the provided shoe horn. All those details come in a custom box of course. This is how you make a customer cherish their purchase from you.

This pair is surely a 1 of 1 but you can check more work from Benji at: and find him on Instagram: @BenjiBlunt and Benji Blunt & Sons

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