adidas Run DMC King of Rock Hyperstar by Blunt Shank

While the name we chose for our site lends the thought that there are two categories of sneaker customization, the reality is our name stands for the main two of many. Trying to determine whether the process of painting or reconstruction is better than the other is pointless as each has a fair amount of pros and cons. Typically though not many customizers are heavily reliant on the skillsets that both entail. There really is only a couple, and as far as we can tell a painter by the name of Benji Blunt could but has transitioned to focus on the reconstruction side of the game to now go as Blunt Shank.

What actually began as a painted custom project was spun 180 degrees earlier this year into a recon job. After getting the ok from his customer Blunt started upon his first reconstructed upper with a theme of the RUN DMC King of Rock album. Translating the album into sneaker form the upper was made up and shaped over a handmade last using custom printed leather featuring the repeated text pattern from the 1985 LP’s cover with details of the three stripes from Italian calfskin, the tongues in black suede, and a red nappa for the liner. But the extra details Benji has been known for were continued with the insoles debossed to mimic records, the Profile records logo on the tongues, and the heel tabs with a gold look of Darryl McDaniels’ Kangol fedora and Cazals sunglasses logo. Gold midsole stitching and BBoy laces finish off Blunt’s first complete recon custom that happens to be better than most reconstructions we see from those more experienced.

You can inquire about your own reconstruction from Blunt Shank at and follow them on Instagram: @blunt_shank

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