Adidas Pro Model Floral Hampton by C2 Customs


It is hard to not spot some sort of floral print at almost any menswear store you stop in these days. While some guys are still getting used to wearing floral on their shirts some brands have been catering to the discerning floral fan by releasing footwear in different motifs. The California based brand of hand made shoes Thorocraft is one of those brands and the inspiration behind this custom. C2 Customs loved Thorocraft’s The Hampton in Floral enough to translate the look to an Adidas Pro Model.

The fabric based custom isn’t a full recon due to the overlay technique being used. Just the tongue and eyestay panels were reconstructed while the rest of the upper was stitched together and overlayed upon the existing leather upper. A detail that you might surpass but brings the inspiration even closer is the use of raw leather on the heel strip and adidas stripes similar to Thorocraft’s use of the same material on their back heels.

This is a 1 of 1 by C2 Customs but you can check more of his sneaker customizations at and follow him on Instagram: @c2customs

adidas-pro-model-floral-hampton-c2-customs-2 adidas-pro-model-floral-hampton-c2-customs-3

The inspiration: Thorocraft Hampton Floral via