Adidas Nizza “Warhol Skull” Custom Shoes by Brush Footwear

Imagine if using sneakers as a canvas back in the 1970s was as prominent as it is now. Kicks that looked like these Andy Warhol inspired Adidas could have been THE pair to have. Inspired by Warhol’s legendary work Ben of Brush Footwear hand painted his 1976 “Skull” screen print on a pair of mostly white Adidas Nizza high tops. The canvas shoe now has a black upper with blue and pink sections and a detail in the Skull on the lateral sides.

As for now this pair is a 1 of 1 but If you’re would like to inquire about your own pair check out and follow @BrushFootwear on Twitter.

The 1976 Warhol “Skull” screen print inspiration: