Adidas Jeremy Scott Instinct Hi “Great Scott” by C2 Customs

When a sneakerhead hears the words Jeremy Scott adidas they either love the eccentric line of sneakers or they likely roll their eyes. What do you expect when the line consists of sneakers with stuffed animal heads on the tongues, huge wings on the sides, foot cuffs or big flames? You probably didn’t even know that the shoe below was actually all white to start out…meaning Jeremy Scott released at least one simple design(the huge tongues almost negate that statement).

Thanks to a variety of sneaker and apparel releases the past few years under the Jeremy Scott name Chris of C2 customs had plenty of  prints and patterns to choose from for this this adidas JS Instinct Hi custom titled “Great Scott!” The hand painted custom is a take on the What The %&#*! designs of another brand that combines multiple sneakers’ recognizable looks into one shoe that has become a popular theme amongst customizers. 18 different styles were recreated between both shoes from cheetah print to camo to a Keith Haring print to cartoon french fries. Each from a shoe or piece of apparel released under the Jeremy Scott X adidas line. A bit of an adicolor look on the midsole logos finishes them off.

Do you think this fits in with the rest of the Adidas JS releases or is it just a bit much? Either way you can check more sneaker customizations from C2 via his site: and on Instagram: C2Customs



adidas-jeremy-scott-instinct-wtf-c2-customs-1 adidas-jeremy-scott-instinct-wtf-c2-customs-2 adidas-jeremy-scott-instinct-wtf-c2-customs-3 adidas-jeremy-scott-instinct-wtf-c2-customs-4 adidas-jeremy-scott-instinct-wtf-c2-customs-5 adidas-jeremy-scott-instinct-wtf-c2-customs-6 adidas-jeremy-scott-instinct-wtf-c2-customs-7 adidas-jeremy-scott-instinct-wtf-c2-customs-8

The before Jeremy Scott Adidas Instinct Hi via Kineda