Abstract Painted Florsheim Veblen by Brush Footwear

You won’t always be able to wear sneakers. Well some of you might but in many situations something like this custom by Brush Footwear is a bit more appropriate. The opposite of what he usually customizes in that of Vans or Converse, Ben Smith of Brush put the paints to work on a pair of Florshiem Veblen wing tips. As a 1 of 1 custom request for photographer Jace Lumley these began with an already sharp look and finish on the leather and wood accented soles. Painting a shoe like this could go one of two ways, extremely well or terribly wrong.

Just enough of the shoes were painted upon the vamp with what looks to have been black, gray, and a shade of red. According to Smith, “The color palette in the painting was used to bring out the rich colors in the leathers and the woods used on the Veblen.” So instead of bright gaudy colors a toned down array was used that from far away likely won’t be a distraction but up close still allows for a bit of style and individuality.

If you need these for your next business meeting or why ever else you may dress a bit more formal than usual you can contact Ben for your own pair at BrushFootwear.com and follow him on Instagram: @BrushFootwear

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