A Tribe Called Quest: Midnight Marauders Nike Snowboarding Boots by emmanueLabor

Here is a closeup look of emmanueLabor’s Nike Zoom Force 1 Snowboarding Boots made for Shoe Shine: Winter 2011. As one of the selected artists once again this year, emmanueLabor transformed the all white boot into a “Midnight Marauders” masterpiece using the 1993 album of the same name by A Tribe Called Quest as his theme. Imagery from the “Midnight Marauders” albums cover was translated to footwear form: red and green stripes against a black background, yellow outlining on the Swooshes and back heels, topped with classic headphones as worn by the numerous hip hop icons featured on the covers and insert. Not seen at first glance are the upper ankles covered in sections of black foam patterned in the shape of cassette tapes and a dark digital styled 12:00 on the toes. 7 times out of 10 people are probably snowboarding at night, so the name midnight makes sense and they’d for sure be marauding your eyes rocking these with a matching board and jacket.

To have your own pair of custom snowboard boots from emmanueLabor visit his site here: www.emmanueLabor.com