7Ave Graffiti Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Custom by Sab-One

Imagine creating a pair of custom kicks that represents how you got started in your artistic endeavors? That is likely a tough task for most, but the entire creative process appears to have been easily overcome for a skilled artist like Sab-One. After a request for a pair of custom sneakers from one of his old painting buddies’ girlfriend, Sab-One knew exactly how to fulfill her order: recreate a place where the two friends artistically grew up in Boston, MA. That place being 7Ave, a few blocks and walls of abandoned freight lines that became the local teenagers’ illegal canvas. Looking at the shoes you can probably guess what covered that “canvas.” I won’t divulge the complete story of 7Ave and this custom sneaker design as it is best told in the artists words. Those words which you can read HERE are Sab-One reminiscing on the designs inspiration and why it impacted him as the artist he is today.

The design of this custom Air Jordan 1 retro sounds to be spot on the 7Ave area with hand painted patterns in the look of years and years of paint covering the numerous panels. Tags of daring artists now affected by natures effects of rust and rot. With black toe, lace and heel panels that possibly represents the 7Ave’s eventual disappearance into the darkness of time and change.

Checkout more work from SAB-ONE or order your own custom sneakers from him here: http://www.sab-1.com/