723 Nike Roshe Run by TheVII_XXIII


Can you think of anything that is getting more difficult than coming up for a name for your business, brand, or as an artist? Even if you have a great title chances it’s been used. Maybe even that name is a registered domain name or as far as already trademarked. If you must go with that name, you better hope its use is not by something in your same category. We’ve noticed the past year in custom sneakers many new “brands” have continued to have customs in their title. Of course for the customer to be more aware of your services it does makes sense to throw “customs” on the end of your moniker. These people are only taking cues from those that have come before them, right? Yet those recognizable artists are so established at this point they could probably drop “customs” altogether. But for those just starting out?  Put some more thought into your name instead of “So and So Customs” or whatever.

Don’t believe me? Well the sneaker customizer formerly known as GroundBreaker Customs is far from the top of people’s list when it comes to well known names. It appears he realized the name he came up with years back has outgrown his vision. Now going by “723” or “The VII XXIII”, Demetrius Mensah has made the first step in a process of turning around his brand completely. The first custom is upon the Nike Roshe.

The pair started out as the gray release seen below. Starting off the side suede panels were dyed black and the Swooshes removed for a more seamless look that was highlighted by a white shadow type line on the bottom edges. Mensah’s signature fingerprint pattern in black on gold attracts attention upon the toes while accents of gold eyelets raise the shoes quality. An overlooked detail takes place on the inside as the liner was replaced with a soft cow leather in place of the lowly mesh. A clean VII XXIII takes place on the heel. Far from your average Roshe custom these are.

Inquiries about owning this pair in your size or to see more work visit 723 on Instagram: @TheVII_XXIII

vii-xxiii-custom-fingerprint-nike-roshe-5 vii-xxiii-custom-fingerprint-nike-roshe-6 vii-xxiii-custom-fingerprint-nike-roshe-7