5 Awesome Calvin and Hobbes Custom Vans by Laces Out Studios

The last time we showcased  Calvin and Hobbes themed custom sneaker it was a fans perspective on the great comics of Bill Watterson in the form of a Nike Blazer and Calvin’s dream of being MJ. Like any pop culture comic or cartoon character with a decent amount of substance there is going to be a fan base that never gives up being a fan of said character. So in the case of Calvin and his friend Hobbes it’s no surprise to see a grown adult wearing a pair of custom sneakers like this.

Hand painted by Laces Out Studios these Vans Slip Ons each represent a pretty spot on recreation of a classic Calvin day dream from outerspace to when dinosaurs were still on earth. If you fit into that category of a grown person who was once a kid that can’t give up on his or her favorite comic you can send a inquiry to Laces Out via LacesOutStudios.com



calvin-and-hobbes-painted-custom-vans-laces-out-studios-1calvin-and-hobbes-painted-custom-vans-laces-out-studios-4 calvin-and-hobbes-painted-custom-vans-laces-out-studios-5