21 pairs of Friday The 13th Custom Shoes To Die For

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A chronological look at these Friday The 13th custom shoes continue with another pair of Air Jordans.

An Air Jordan V with a Friday the 13th Part 2 movie poster styling with lettering and Jason silhouette and a bit of blood splatter by SBDkustoms, 2015.

Friday The 13th Air Jordan Customs SBDkustoms

Nike Dunk high in all black featuring a Jason silhouette and lettering on the sides. The white mesh shows a gruesome blood splattering with a 13th and Jason hockey mask upon the toes. Topped off with bloody footprint insoles by Kicks and Cakes, 2015.

Friday The 13th Nike Shoes Custom Painted KicksAndCakes

This Nike Air Force 1 mid was painted with a detailed Jason mask and trees of the Crystal Lake by illiunaire, 2015.

illiunaire friday the 13th jason mask custom shoes air force 1

Nike Dunk low with blood splatter, painted hockey mask silhouette and matching lace locks and lettering on the toes by True Blue Customs, 2015.

True Blue Customs Friday The 13th Nike Dunk

Nike Dunk low that goes in the opposite direction of the typical dark route for Friday The 13th custom shoes. Seattle based artist CuS hand painted Jason Vorhees contemplating his next act, machete on shoulder. Work of CuS The Artist, 2015.

Cus The Artist Jason Mask Custom Friday the 13th

The all black base of a Nike Air Force 1 mid is a hit again. Featuring Jason’s hockey mask and Friday the 13th lettering against a bloody background by HJ Artistry, 2016.

The start of a Friday the 13th theme was in place on the base of this officially released Nike Lebron 13. Unfortunately for Nike, when it comes to themes they are usually tied to walking a fine line to release their mass produced product. Kickasso went above Nike’s simulated blood splatter on a white upper adding painted details of Jason’s hockey mask, distress, and forest trees to the upper, 2016.

When the base shoe fits the theme perfectly? This is probably the best pair of Friday The 13th custom shoes to sit and wear at home while you binge the entire franchise. The one piece upper and holes of a pair of Crocs are set to look just like Jason’s hockey mask painted by Kickasso, 2016.

Jason Vorhees Custom Shoes Friday 13th Kickasso Crocs

New Balance 247 Jason mask design painted by Mache. These were a set with other New Balance 247s painted in a Nightmare on Elm Street design for the promotion of Fabolous and Jadakiss’ Freddy vs. Jason album. By Mache Customs, 2017.

With the 13th film releasing in October we expect a few more designs of this theme to pop up. Until then, let us know which of these 21 Friday The 13th custom shoes were the best on  Twitter.com/PaintOrThread or Instagram.comPaintOrThread.
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