2010 World Cup Nike Dunk Custom by MyTies

One week in and the World Cup has captivated the eyes of the globe as people expected and I’d expect these 2010 World Cup Nike Dunks by MyTies Customs to capture the eyes of anyone who sees them being worn. Created for an avid soccer fan in Seattle, Washington all 32 of the World Cup competing countries have their flag somewhere on the shoes panels contrasted against the stripe pattern from the official FIFA ball used in all the games. Spending at least 45 hours total Mysha of MyTies Customs found the hardest part being able to make sure all the colors of the flags were opaque while still painting as close to a smooth factory looking finish as possible. She says the idea of re-creating the balls pattern was the worst idea she ever came up with. I’m going to have to disagree as the end result is pretty damn close to the official ball for a VERY sleek look. Mysha says she was in the end happy she decided to complete the design as planned. Every shoe customizer’s number one goal should be to make sure you like your own work, so Mysha should definitely shout: GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!
For your own World Cup themed custom shoe visit MyTies Customs Website
MyTies World Cup Nike Dunk Custom
Unfinished MyTies Custom World Cup Nike
MyTies Custom Nike Dunk World Cup Sketch