10 Year Old Air Force 1s from 2007 with an Exotic Upgrade

As time goes on, the chance basic model sneakers will be made of premium quality and materials will be less and less. Even if you see cheetah print shoes like these, the quality will probably not be worth adding to your collection. Not wanting to deal with the current offering of Air Force 1s, Henriette Wagener of SOLESclusive put her reconstruction skills to work on a pair of AF1s from 2007. The pair was released during the year of Nike’s 25th Anniversary celebration of the Air Force 1.

Keeping them somewhat simple the white upper was untouched letting the sewn on additions stand out. Original Swooshes were removed and replaced with a veg tan leather cut out. Upon that another layer was added for the double Swoosh look. Amongst the four Swoshes, a different exotic animal print was used on each. Last additions of a cheetah print fabric replacing the boring white leather tongues completed the recon changes. All set upon a clear blue sole for a look you likely won’t find on any store shelves anytime soon.

You can check more reconstructed customizations from Wagener here on Facebook.com/SOLESclusive and follow her latest releases on Instagram.com/tornschuhjette

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