1 OF: ShamWOW! Dunk Mid

One joy of custom sneakers is that you can literally take any subject and present it as a shoe. This is definitely one of the most random subjects we have ever seen, ShamWOW! Dunk mids by 10f Customs. You know that crazy, annoying commercial selling them rags that’ll wipe up anything. Well now you can wipe up anything with some shoes or at least 1 person can. Check this added excerpt from 1of making fun of the ShamWow guy that was recently arrested…hilarious!

1of Customs Website

Hey! It’s Vince with the NEW ShamWOW! Dunk Mids. Need to kick a hooker in the face because she bit your tongue? Make sure you’re wearing the right shoes! These shoes come with genuine ShamWOW! material on the midpanels and tongue to soak up all that blood! And it’s machine-wahable, so you know there won’t be any evidence! And if you order now, because I can’t do this all day, the back panels will have a Safari-esque water drop pattern, so you’ll look stylish while doing it! ShamWOW! Dunk Mids; you’ll be saying “WOW!” every time!