1 of 1 Project Custom Vans Sneakers by Jordan Bennett

Another 1 of 30 custom Vans in the 1 of 1 Project this time by Jordan Bennett made in size 8.5.  Jordan Bennett is a Newfoundland based Mi’kmaq multi-disciplinary artist. His art deals with a combination of popular culture, mixed with traditional Mi’kmaq and contemporary means of life to portray how each plays a part of his every day. When choosing materials, he uses an array of mediums such as sound, traditional beadwork, skateboards, moose antler, animal hide and various other natural and manufactured objects, anything that will give voice directly to the subject matter to portray the intended message. Through his work he plays with pushing boundaries and with the idea of traditional Aboriginal craft and ceremony, along with the idea of the artifact in our contemporary society. By creating objects and imagery that do this, he attempts to provoke the viewer to question and interpret the authenticity of these “Indian Artworks/artifacts” and what is to be “Indian” in contemporary North American society.

30 custom Vans sneakers have been created for the 1 of 1 Project put on by Chris Watchorn of Winnipeg, Canada to help raise money for the The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Winnipeg. Secondly the project was to improve the art and creative scene in Winnipeg by bringing artists of many medias from all across North America to use one type of canvas: Vans canvas sneakers.

Full details on the shoes and auction can be found at the 1 of 1 Project Website. Shoes will be auctioned on eBay starting June 27th. Check back here for links to the auction.