1 of 1 Project Custom Vans by Makeda Duyile

The artist behind this highly detailed pair of size 8 Vans Chukkas for the 1 of 1 Project is Makeda Duyile or better know to her peers as Mimi.  She is a University of Manitoba Fine Art graduate and one of Winnipeg’s brightest up and comers. The illustrative artist loves implementing in depth detail at every opportunity. A majority of her work is tonal but she is not afraid to bring in color to elevate very work. The concept for the shoes designed entitled “The Beast & The Maiden”, “came to mind instantly by the natural composition of the shoes. I see creatures in many things I look at, and the shoe was no different, only in this case I could make the Beast come out. The Maiden also found flow in the linear design of the shoes contours. Surrounded by soft natural elements, the Maiden and the Beast make sharp contrasts towards one another, yet cannot be complete without the other; linking the two not only by the name, but by the soft tones and fluidity in their design”.

30 custom Vans sneakers have been created for the 1 of 1 Project put on by Chris Watchorn of Winnipeg, Canada to help raise money for the The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Winnipeg. Secondly the project was to improve the art and creative scene in Winnipeg by bringing artists of many medias from all across North America to use one type of canvas: Vans canvas sneakers.

Full details on the shoes and auction can be found at the 1 of 1 Project Website. Shoes will be auctioned on eBay starting June 27th. Check back here for links to the auction.