Saturday, May 28, 2022

New Balance 999 International by AlexanderJohnDesign

While it may seem like sneaker collecting is one of the latest international phenomenons the reality is its been going on a while. With people buying sales rack sitters in the US to sell overseas or destination sneaker shops, kicks have been global. AlexanderJohn Design played off that reality for a this New Balance 999 “International” custom sneaker for the NB Unite space inside the newly opened 34th Street Foot Locker in New York City.

Taking to an already butter looking gum bottom pair of New Balance 999s, AlexanderJohn hand painted, stencil free no less, numerous countries flags that make up the greatest sneaker markets. From what we can see China, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Australia, The United States, Italy, and The Netherlands are the represented countries. Hits of blue and green grace the other panels akin to the look of this globe from afar. These were supposedly given away at the aforementioned Footlocker and will likely stay a 1 of 1 design.

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world flags custom sneakers new balance international world flags custom sneakers new balance international

On display at the NB Unite space via

world flags custom sneakers new balance international