Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Best Iron Man Themed Custom Shoes

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With a history of 50 years, 500+ comics, and now 3 feature films Iron Man is quite the accomplished comic book character. Apart of the Marvel Comics empire the red and gold superpower machine super hero is not just for comic book nerds. Sneakerheads have fully embraced the metal suit look of engineer billionaire Tony Stark. With the release of 2008’s Iron Man movie the idea to use the red and golden suit for a custom sneaker fan art design only continued to grow. 5 years later and on the release of the 3rd movie we have scoured the web for what we’d like to consider the best Iron Man themed custom fan art sneakers made up to this point. Lots of big name sneaker customizers made the list with maybe a few you’ve never heard of. Page through the list and let us know which is your favorite.


Disclaimer: does not claim ownership of any of the “characters” depicted in this list of fan artwork by individuals. The “characters” are the sole original property of Marvel Entertainment, LLC. Any designs are not available for purchase and for display online only.

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