How To Change the Jumpman to Nike Air on Air Jordan III and IV Video


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Remember the uproar that people had against the Jumpman logo taking place of the Nike Air logo on the backs of Air Jordans III, IV, V, and VI? Years later Jordan Brand has continued to separate their branding from the Swoosh any way possible. What do you do if you love the nostalgic look of the Swoosh Air logo? Buy originals or customize the retros. I’d go with customizing since the originals would crumble.

One Air Jordan fan out in Greece of all places put his efforts to altering the Jumpman logo and bringing back the Swoosh on the AJ III and IV. That guy is member dkonstantinos. He even put together a complete tutorial video, though long, you pretty much know how you can attempt this yourself and maybe even improve the process. I’d like someone to slap their own logo instead of the Nike Air…..hmmmm.

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What the retro Air Jordan III shoes looked like before adding the Nike Swoosh like the original AJ III:

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Brandon Laskowski
I began customizing sneakers around in 2000 and have enjoyed watching the art grow from a handful of people posting online to countless people all over the world. In 2009 I founded to be THE source for anyone interested in customizing sneakers. So please enjoy the photos, share your thoughts, and feel to send me a message: [email protected]


  1. Now out of everything I’ve seen lately my man this is the sickest custom I’ve seen in a minute!!!🏆#1 custom/customs award. Not to mention the details you customized actually made your kicks look more og & potentially increased thier value! Great thinking out side the box & props for feeling like myself with removing the Jumpman and adding the Nike Air branding looks so much better!!! Great job!!


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