Sandira Reddy the shoe customizer behind Canvas Warriors put together a couple pairs of custom painted Converse Chuck Taylors for Oar Raisers, 2 guys set on a pretty interesting fund raising mission. Tom Dignum and Chris Howard calling themselves Oar Raisers, are working on finding sponsorship deals, training, and taking part in fund raising events. Their goal is to take on the Atlantic Rowing Challenge in order to raise money for Parkinson’s UK, a charity in search for the cure of Parkinson’s disease. Follow Tom and Chris’s story here: and watch the video below to see Sandira’s day customizing the Oar Raiser Chucks.

Check out more of Sandira’s Canvas Warrior custom shoe work here:

  • With the exception of a few, all of the DS games come in the original case, with an instruction booklet. Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Quest come in one of those cheesy Gamestop DS cases. Kirby Canvas Curse and Advance Wars don’t have a case at all. All of the games work perfectly fine, and nothing is wrong with them. But I need to know what a good asking price would be.