Evan Schultz Art Kicks: Passion Flowers


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One of the worlds most artistic natural occurrences is botanical life, specifically flowers. Some of the patterns, fades, shading and colors can simply not be recreated by the human mind, eye, and hand. Taking on the theme of a flower is a hefty task. Evan Schultz of Art Kicks gave that task ago recently on a pair of Vans Slip Ons with the end result full of success.

Evan Schultz’s Art Kicks Blog

Brandon Laskowskihttp://www.evolved-footwear.com
I began customizing sneakers around in 2000 and have enjoyed watching the art grow from a handful of people posting online to countless people all over the world. In 2009 I founded PaintOrThread.com to be THE source for anyone interested in customizing sneakers. So please enjoy the photos, share your thoughts, and feel to send me a message: [email protected]


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