Thursday, July 7, 2022

Nike Air Max ’95 Stash edition Is what I’m guessing

Well its not hard to tell, but Jest3r, the man behind 3Rcustoms is talented. Nor is it hard to tell by his teaser that he is working on an Air Max ’95  Stash edition inspired custom. What we don’t know is what kinda midsole and sole he is gonna place the upper on. I’m gonna say Air Force 1 just because they have a pile of attractive and matching midsole and sole combos these could go hard with. Jest3r is a king of “decon-recon” customizations so check him out if you haven’t or even if you have already. Or check back here for the complete custom after he is done.

Jest3r’s Blog


3Rcustoms teaser
3Rcustoms teaser